My Skincare Journey

West 34th simplifies and celebrates self-care for men, providing Functionally-Focused Skincare to bring your Best Face Forward. (in other words, FFS Bring Your BFF!)
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How It All Began

West 34th started from a personal phase of burnout. In 2014, I moved to New York City and entered the working world determined to make a serious career in finance while balancing my passion in dance but I paid little attention to taking care of my mental or physical health. Several years in, I found the accumulated stress and lack of self-care took a serious toll on my face resulting in eye bags, wrinkles, stress acne, and dark circles. I wasn’t living sustainably and I realized I need to take better care of my skin but every product in the skincare aisle kept pitching fancy ingredients and complex 10-step regimens that I didn’t care for. I just wanted functional results from a simple skincare routine, yet nothing in the market could tackle my skin’s needs so I decided to create a solution for myself and other like me.

West 34th’s products are created with 3 key values in mind: simplicity, effectiveness, and easy to habituate. We partnered with leading skincare chemists and dermatologists to develop formulations that result from hundreds of hours in research, product testing, and laboratory vetting to ensure the ingredients we use are of the highest quality and produce the results promised. We want men to not only look their best but also feel their best, knowing full well that purchasing our products is an effective investment into their own well-being.

Why Call It “West 34th”?

West 34th is in reference to West 34th Street, a major crossroad in New York that embodies the city’s major commercial activities and excitement but also its stress and harshness. I love how it feels to walk down that street but staying there for too long can physically and mentally wear any person out. The company is named after this street to symbolize the importance of finding a sustainable balance between grinding forward towards one’s goals and maintaining personal health.

I made West 34th as a one-stop solution for any man’s skincare needs as well as a trusted resource for men to enter their self-care journey. Start your journey now and FFS bring your BFF!


Shane Lin, Founder

West 34th Street Men Skincare Origins


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