The Anti-Aging Skincare Guide for Men

Men start to notice themselves experiencing signs of aging at different points in their life. However, the most common first signs tend be reflected on the face in the form of hair loss, wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines.

Finding the right solution to fight aging on your skin can be difficult since everyone’s skin type is different but can you get rid of wrinkles once you have them? It’s possible to reverse wrinkles and fight aging with anti-aging products and lifestyle changes. Every man’s skincare journey is different and maybe a homemade anti-aging skin care routine is needed although there are probably products or solutions out in the market already readily available for most men online or in-store.

As a result, we created a holistic anti-aging skin care guide for men that will cover lifestyle changes and products designed to reverse and fight aging on your face:

Choosing an Anti Aging Cream for Men

What is Anti Aging Cream?

Anti aging cream is a phrase for a category of products that help reverse the aesthetic aspects of aging, frequently related to a person’s face. You may hear other brands and skincare professionals refer to them as wrinkle care cream and anti aging moisturizer.

The aesthetic aspects of aging that these products usually target include wrinkles, fine lines on the forehead, and baggy eyes.

There is no single top anti aging cream for men and the reality is that the appropriate anti aging cream will vary person to person depending on their skin type and what they’re trying to solve.

Some people may require pharmaceutically graded medicated anti aging cream while others with sensitive skin may have to be wary of ingredients that can trigger side effects. For those wanting more immediate results, we have a comprehensive overview guide about Botox for Men and if it’s worth considering

Below are some important considerations to think through when finding an anti aging cream:

  • Skin Sensitivity to Certain Ingredients

    Certain ingredients in anti-aging creams can be associated with irritability on some skin types so its best to be aware of how your facial skin has reacted in the past to different moisturizers and products you’ve tried on.

    Many skincare customers also search for specific criteria like “organic anti aging cream” in order to avoid synthetic chemicals that can sometimes be added to creams.

    Consulting with a dermatologist will provide valuable insight into your skin type and tests can be done to help call out ingredients that are likely to react negatively to your skin.

  • Complexity of Skincare Routine

    It can be quite confusing to figure out what the ideal skin care routine looks like for you with some brands recommending men to buy anti aging products that require 7 steps like adding an anti wrinkle cleanser and toner.

    The key to good skin care is consistency so it’s important to balance what you believe is necessary to achieve your skin care goals with what is possible to be a sustainable routine.

    For those to highly emphasize simplicity, we recommend you check out this Basic Skincare Routine Guide we wrote for men.

    All in one products like West 34th’s Anti Aging Recovery Cream include ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid to solve general aging skincare needs like filling in fine lines and reducing wrinkles while other ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin C fight a range of specific issues like inflammation and dark spots.

  • Oily vs Dry Skin

    Oily skin that frequently breaks out in acne should avoid anti aging cream that are also oily, have thick consistency, and a tendency to clog pores.

    Dry skin types that suffer from wrinkles should search for anti aging wrinkle cream for men that have hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid in order to help the skin retain moisture and fill in fine lines.

Stress Management

Stress and aging symptoms like wrinkles are closely associated with one another beyond just age. Many men are able to maintain and keep a youthful looking face by maintaining an internal mental balance that can keep stress under control.

Stress-induced signs of aging can be managed by implementing wellness routines and tampering down bad habits.

Here are a few things you can start doing to get your stress under control:

  • 7-9 Hours of Routine Sleep a Day

    Sleep is a critical period in every person’s recovery cycle and a proper amount of rest is necessary for your body to operate at optimal performance. According to the Sleep Foundation, young adults and older men should shoot for 7-9 hours of sleep per day.

    Sleep deprivation accelerates the aging process and breaks your body down internally as well as externally, often displayed by increased wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, and sagging skin.

    Moreover, increased stress is often worsened with lack of sleep due to enhanced irritability and crankiness, leading to poor decision making and additional mental burden. A well rested mind is capable of handling the day-to-day responsibilities of work and daytime activities which as a result reduces accumulated stress and slows down the aging process.

  • Exercise Most Days of the Week

    Regular exercise throughout the week is critical for relieving and managing down stress but also provides numerous amounts of other health benefits as well, making it a necessity in any healthy person’ routine.

    Exercise can encompass a wide range of activities including jogging, long walks, yoga, and other physically demanding activities. The CDC recommends to have at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week if not more.

    Doing so keeps you healthier for longer, reduces stress and anxiety, and actively prevents diseases and cognitive decline. Exercise often helps with releasing accumulated stress as well which stops stress from manifesting on person’s face in the form of stress wrinkles.
    Exercise for Skincare

  • Avoid Excessive Phone Time

    It’s no longer a secret that always being available for work or other people to reach you through your phone increases stress and anxiety by preventing you from taking your mind away responsibilities and distractions.

    Notifications worsen these habits by pulling you closer to unimportant events on your apps and keeping your mind occupied. However, the issue with this is that your mind becomes trapped with constant stimuli and can become trained to constantly check your phone instead of resting.

    The convenience of being able to access messages and work emails eliminates the mental barrier that your mind can separate from on a day-to-day basis which results in accumulation in stress and anxiety which then leads to increased signs of aging. Excessive phone time has also been linked to poor sleep.

    To fight aging caused by stress related to excess phone time, use time management programs that block access to certain apps or dedicate certain times of the day to checking up and responding to notifications. Another helpful habit is to enforce a personal policy of not looking at the phone while spending in-person time with others like during dinner.

Food & Diet Impact on Aging

The foods you eat on a regular basis have an accumulating impact on how your skin physically ages. Good nutrition can slow the aging process and boost cellular strength while unhealthy foods can cause cellular damage and lead to imbalances within the body that result in skin damage.

  • Foods That Slow Aging

    Foods good for skin care men

    As a general guideline, foods with high antioxidant properties, healthy fats, and lean protein are recommended for those who want nutrients associated with slower aging. Certain teas have anti aging properties and associate with high antioxidant content and fighting inflammation.

    Leafy greens and fruits are a critical source of nutrients that can promote collagen production to keep skin firm and smooth as well as reduce inflammation too. Blueberries, for example, are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C and studies have shown evidence of blueberries helping to preserve cognitive function and promoting heart health.

  • Foods That Accelerate Aging

    Excessive processing and chemicals in your food tend to be associated with faster aging when consumed excessively over long periods of time. Fried foods are cooked at high temperatures that result in the release of free radicals which are associated with cell damage and reducing skin elasticity, both of which can causes your facial skin to appear aged and older.

    Refined carbs such as white bread cause inflammation in the body due to the production of advanced glycation end products which are closely linked to the increase risk of chronic diseases.

    Salty foods with excessive sodium can suck up essential moisture and water in your body and the water loss from your skin can result in wrinkles and faster skin aging. Too much sugar in food can create all hosts of issues including weight gain and heart disease as well as inflammation and damage to your body’s collagen and skin elasticity, all of which are crucial in keeping your skin looking youthful.

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