Why Skincare Matters for Men & How to Start

While the skincare industry has largely catered its marketing and products to women, skincare for men is just as important because neglecting your skin’s health will lead to acceleration in skin aging, acne, and other complications.

Skincare products for men can provide important functions including protection from environment damage, boosting skin hydration, and nourishing your skin with essential nutrients. By following a proper basic male skincare routine, men are able to maintain healthy-looking skin, reduce wrinkles, and reverse signs of aging or stress. For more tips and tricks to fight aging, see our Anti Aging Guide for Men here.

Below are the essentials that need to consider when starting a men skincare routine:

How to Start a Basic Skincare Routine for Men

1. Identify skin problems you want to address

Chances are you’re reading this because you want to understand what is entailed to start taking care of your skin. Perhaps you just want general skincare upkeep but skin conditions can also vary tremendously person to person and the right skincare products to try will depend on your skin’s condition as well as the condition’s severity.

Some examples include:

  • Avoiding oil-based skincare products if you have oily skin
  • Looking for products that are non-pore clogging (non-comodogenic) if you’re prone to blackheads
  • Finding products that include retinol to fight aging and signs of stress on your face

If your skin conditions are severe or seem to require deeper intervention, please consult a dermatologist for a medical professional’s opinion as well as potential access to prescription-grade treatments.

2. Keep it simple and easy to commit

The most important thing to keep in mind when having a successful men skincare routine is to actually do it routinely, if not every day. There is no point in buying tons of skincare products only to have complicated routines that are too cumbersome to execute on days with little time.

Establishing the habit of skincare is a long-term commitment that doesn’t need to be rushed and in fact should start as simple as possible in order to maintain consistency. Starting off with a basic skincare routine also allows you to accurately observe which products are leading to right results for your face.

We recommend starting off with 2-step routine of 1) face wash and 2) moisturize, ideally done twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening before bed or after showering.

  1. Face wash

    • Why is face washing important? Our faces are constantly bombarded by particles, radiation, dust, and pollutants as we go about our day and especially if we spend time outside.

      Such buildups can lead to skin irritation and clogging of pores which can form into acne. Bacteria and other harmful elements can also cause further damage on the skin over time if not properly removed.

    • How to face wash. Apply warm water on your face to open up your pores and prepare them for cleaning. Then spread and lightly lather a coat of face wash product across your face.

      Rinse off the face wash shortly after with water and dry with a cloth. Directions may differ slightly depending on instructions provided by the face wash product.

  2. Moisturize

    • Why is moisturizing important? While washing your face removes impurities, dirt, and bacteria that may have lingered on your skin, it also removes essential oils and protective layers your body naturally produces.

      Without those protective layers your facial skin is actually more vulnerable to further environmental damage. Moreover, stripping oil from your face causes your body produce excess oil to overcompensate. Moisturizers can help rebuild essential protection and nutrients your face needs as well as keep your body’s oil production under control.

      The right moisturizer will also have additional features that address key needs your skin has such as retinol (key anti-aging ingredient) and aloe vera (effective anti-inflammatory).

    • How to moisturize. After drying your face post-face wash, gently coat a light layer of moisturizer cream on your face. Make sure the cream is rubbed in effectively and that there aren’t any residual white marks on your face.

3. BONUS: SPF sunscreen (daytime only). If you intend to spend time outside while exposed to the sun’s rays, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND also applying some SPF sunscreen to reduce the harm posed by the sun’s UV light. The sun’s rays are one of the largest sources of skin aging and damage so we suggest regular application of it every few hours unless you plan to spend most of your day indoors.

Best Men’s Face Wash and Moisturizer Combo to Buy

  • Choosing a face wash. For general purpose use, we recommend Cerave’s Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser. It’s easy to use, meant for daily use, and designed for normal to oily skin.
  • Choosing a moisturizer. Our team here at West 34th designed the Anti-Aging Recovery Cream as a multi-purpose moisturizer that nourishes and protects your face while fighting wrinkles and signs of stress. It’s light non-pore clogging cream is designed to suit normal to oily skin without making your face feel greasy or loaded with product. 

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